Sunday, 20 December 2009

Ice Pictures

I have been out in the ice and snow to have a play with my new close up filters. Some of them I have also fiddled about with on Photoshop.

These first four were the ice on the greenhouse glass, the one below is a blob of snow on a hydrangea head.

I haven't dared go to the allotment for fear of what will have happened to the broad beans. The other day when I went the edges of their leaves were a bit blackened, but that was before the really cold weather started. I will have to go in the next couple of days as I have to empty the bokashi before we go away from Christmas.

I think the celeriac will have had it too. We've only eaten half of it. Probably the carrots too, and there were quite a lot left. You never know though, they might be ok.