Thursday, 6 June 2013

Blue Poppies and Mustard

I came home from a week away to find this beauty had produced its first flower. I've been waiting ages for this. Here's another one just coming out:

Below is a patch of mustard green manure, which was just about to start flowering, so the first job I had to tackle was to cut it down. I've left it on the surface to mulch down until my leeks are ready to go in. Believe it or not I did it all with a pair of secateurs, which may sound bonkers but you see I didn't have a strimmer with me and the shears were just too much like hard work. (I'd been up since 3.30am to catch the plane home)

There has been some progress at the plot, a few beans have come up but I've planted some more in pots as back up. Back home in the greenhouse however, everything looked more or less how it did before we went away, a bit disappointing. Chillies are still only an inch high, some of them. Still, there are always a few failures aren't there?