Sunday, 29 June 2008

Look at my cucumbers!

They have gone from finger sized to this in a matter of days. Soon I'm going to be inundated. It's always a challenge to get your lettuces, cucumbers and tomatoes to coincide for at least a couple of weeks. Usually you get lots of lettuce, followed by lots of cucumbers, followed by lots of tomatoes, and so you can hardly ever say, "everything in the salad is homegrown". I've got a bit better at successional sowing of lettuce, and this year I tried to start my tomatoes off early but failed as it was too cold for them to germinate. Also it's been a few years since I grew my tomatoes in the greenhouse, they always seem to get tough skins, and the year before last (which was a hot one) when I grew them all outdoors, I had the best tomatoes ever, so I decided not to bother with indoor ones any more, then we had last year... .. so anyway now they're even less likely to coincide with the cucumbers. This year I sowed some more cucumbers about the beginning of May, thinking they'd be ready to take over from the first lot when they started to get a bit ropey in late summer, and start getting a fresh supply just as the tomatoes come on stream. The best laid plans etc etc... the new cucumbers are already too big and need to go into their final positions, but the old ones are still quite young and just about to start cropping. Have decided they will just have to go outside on the allotment, so fingers crossed.. They can go where the un-protected melons are, it's obvious they are not going to come to anything. I will dig them up this afternoon and put the cucumbers up there after they've hardened off for a few days.

But just look at these roses.. the trellis that supports them is about to collapse under the weight of the flowers and the high winds we've been having. Every time I admire them it is tinged with anxiety; if this wind goes on much longer the whole thing could come crashing down..

Here are the peppers on the right, with a couple of aubergines in the foreground (which are growing VERY slowly, if at all). The red box of compost is for Leo, the cat, who likes to while away the hours sleeping in it.

And here are my melons in growbags, two on the staging, two below; my chillis, which are now flowering freely, and some basil, oh and a lot of messy junk I can't find another home for.

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