Sunday, 31 August 2008

Greenhouse Magic

We have picked and eaten my first melons. They are only the size of oranges, but very tasty and juicy. There are 3 more still ripening. The outdoor melons have been a disaster, but that's not surprising considering the summer we've had. I was down to just one plant, from an original total of about 5. It even had a melon on it, again about the size of an orange. When I noticed this fruit,I lavished tlc on it, gave it feed and water, removed all the weeds etc, and now it seems to have upped and died. All the leaves have shrivelled up and gone brown. I don't know how long to leave it to see if the melon ripens anyway.

We have also had the first curry of the season. These chillis are 'Ring of Fire' and they get hotter and hotter the redder they get. When they are scarlet they are 'blow your socks off' hot. Last year I froze all the excess chillis whole, and to make a medium-hot curry I put in two of these, slightly crushed/bruised, and took them out before serving. They are difficult to cut up once they have been frozen.

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