Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Following on from last week's rant...

I've got over my despairing mood of last week, now it's just too hot to do any despairing or anything else for that matter, including taking photos, hence no photos. We have also had a really torrential downpour last Friday, so that took the pressure off in the watering department.

Since then, we have eaten our first peas. How could I possibly have considered not growing peas again??? I thought long and hard about the scaling back idea, and decided that there really isn't much that I wouldn't want to grow, and green manure involves regular cutting down and digging in, so probably wouldn't be much less work anyway.

I will definitely put a lot more soft fruit in over the winter thought. My raspberries in the garden have all got raspberry beetle, and they're all covered in something sticky, and they are getting very overcrowded and there is no room to walk in between them . So I'm going to start again with some new plants at the allotment, and will also do some more currant bushes.

I have decided my potato situation is normal, the potatoes we have eaten are all fine, so all I have to do is stop comparing mine to my neighbours'.

The greenhouse tomatoes are starting to ripen. I tasted one today and although the flavour is good, the skins are so tough they are inedible. Very disappointing. I've brought a few green ones inside to ripen them in a box, see if they are any better. If not I hope the outdoor ones will be better, the greenhouse ones will just have to be put through the passata maker (should be able to get that out of its box soon...)

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