Monday, 31 August 2009

Will my peppers ever ripen?

Well the chillies are ripening at the rate of several per day. We have had one curry (it wasn't very hot..) but the rest have all just gone in the freezer for now.

But these peppers are staying resolutely green. A few are beginning to darken, but now I'm beginning to worry that with the end of the 'summer' almost here, they may never ripen. We'll have to eat them all green.


Jo said...

My peppers are still well and truly green too. It must be the lack of sun.
I've just read your last post. Good luck with the house move. Hope it all goes to plan.

Matron said...

they will ripen eventually, even when the plant is dying back. Make sure they get as much direct sunlight at possible (if you have any that is!)