Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Greenhouse Clear-out

I can't tell you how useful this cheap and cheerful shower caddy has been - first for chitting potatoes, then ripening tomatoes, and now for drying/ripening seed pods. There are a few sweet peas on the bottom, some french beans in the middle and the very last of the tomatoes on top.

I have just been clearing away the last of the greenhouse crops. I've picked the last few peppers and tomatoes, and emptied the compost into bags to take up to the allotment. The pumpkins and squashes that were 'curing' in there have been put on a wire trolley in the shed. The only things I've left are the chillies which still have a few green ones on which I am hoping might still ripen.


Jo said...

What a great idea. It certainly saves on space. I've cleared my greenhouse out too. It's now ready to overwinter all my tender plants.

Matron said...

What a useful gadget! Just the thing for fruit and veg!