Monday, 8 March 2010

Greenhouse Springclean

Well it may not look terribly tidy, but I have turned out the whole thing and swept away all the cobwebs, dead leaves, dusty old compost etc etc. The pots are all clean(ish) and ready to be filled with seeds, and I have put up the shelves ready to put the pots of seeds on!

I haven't cleaned the glass, but that can wait until I take it apart when we move. It looks as if we are almost definitely moving now. Everything is in place ready to exchange contracts, so fingers crossed. Until this morning all those pots were stacked up outside the back door, looking a real eyesore and not really what you want your prospective buyers to see, hence the clear out. I have been tarting up the house a bit as well, touching up paint here and there and generally tidying and cleaning. We are putting it on the market next week.

I have also emptied a finished bin of compost and bagged it up ready to take up to the allotment. Such a satisfying job, but I ran out of old bags and had to make do with all sorts of odd little containers.

Tomorrow I am going to sow some more broad bean seeds (at the plot), maybe also some shallots - I noticed someone else has obviously put some shallots in a while ago because they have already grown quite a lot. Perhaps they overwintered them. I will also dig up the remaining carrots, and with what is left after I've extracted all the bugs and cut out all the nasty bits, make some soup.

I'm going to have a massive seed sowing session during the first week of my Easter holiday (week commencing 22nd March). I reckon this is soon enough as it's still really quite cold, especially at night.


Damo said...

you win the tidiest greenhouse award! Good luck with the move.

Jo said...

Your greenhouse is all ready for the off now. Good luck with the house sale, I think things are moving a little better than they were now, there's quite a few sold signs up around here.

Kella said...

To the untrained eye it won't seem tidy but it looks perfectly tidy for me, much cleaner than mine thats for sure.

Good luck with the house move.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the house sale!

I once cleaned the greenhouse with Jayes fluid, it was really green and manky, and I dropped the cloth I was using, and ripped my nail all the way back - green goo and Jayes underneath it....and oh...the pain! I am accident prone, but be warned, it may look like a nice greehouse....its a danger zone! Cat @ Manor Stables

Rachael said...

oooooh ouch!!