Saturday, 10 April 2010

Seed Sowing Session

At last! the purple sprouting brocolli has started to sprout! Not quite enough for a meal yet, but it's a start.

Today I have sown peas, carrots, spring onions, spinach and two types of kale. It's taken me most of the day as not only did I have to prepare the areas first, I also had to erect a pea frame and an enviromesh tunnel for the carrots. The allotments were absolutely full of people today - the warm weather has brought them all out - clearly everybody feels that now is the right time to start sowing and planting. I had hoped to sow a few flower seeds as well - Candytuft, Calendula and Cornflower, but I ran out of time and energy.

Earlier in the week I sowed some Sunflowers, Borage and Marigolds, more leeks and some Brussels sprouts. They are all here at home in the greenhouse for now. I have also put some parsnip seeds to chit but as yet there is no sign of activity - I understand they take ages.

In another week or so I will be sowing the frost-tender veg: the squashes, courgettes and sweetcorn. I have decided to sow all the runner beans and french beans directly outside this year, in mid May. Last year the french beans I sowed direct did much better than the pot grown ones, and it saves so much time and effort. So long as nothing eats them before they get a chance to grow.

The chilli and Stevia seedlings have been moved out to the greenhouse now, must remember to cover them up before the sun goes down, it still gets very cold at night time.


Kella said...

I also have been at the plot this week and sowed direct is more my thing this year as well. Sowed some carrots and beetroots yesterday along with some annual flowers. hope they all grow away beautifully.

Damo said...

it's great to have some good weather at last, signs of life on my PSB too, about time!

Jo said...

Sounds like you got plenty done, it makes such a difference to have some decent weather. It won't be long until you're eating your psb. I haven't grown any before, but I'm giving it a go this year.

Deb@CarrotsandKids said...

Oh very envious of your PSB - I have so far miserably failed to grow that. Am on a mission though!

Rachael said...

Don't give up Deb - I sometimes ask myself if it's worth all the effort - but after eating our first picking on Sunday - I've remembered it most definitely is!