Monday, 19 July 2010

What's going on at the allotment

I haven't got many flowers this year, they have had to fend for themselves while any watering has been reserved only for veg. But these marigolds have manged to thrive nonetheless.

The runner beans have enjoyed the recent rain and are now approaching the top of their canes, and are flowering. With any luck, the beans will start to be ready just as we return from our holiday. Not so the french beans, which are just starting to produce now. We had our first picking last night for supper.

Likewise the tomatoes, just beginning to ripen in time for someone else to reap the benefits of all my hard work. Harrumph. Oh well, hopefully they'll leave some for us.

And at least the leeks won't be ready for a while yet.


Damo said...

It's all looking good, there's never a good time to go away though.

Jo said...

I'm in the same boat. We go away on Friday, just as the beans and tomatoes are going to start producing. I'm going to harvest anything that's ready though and take it with us.