Friday, 20 August 2010


My sweetcorn has been a bit rubbish this year. The plants grown in plastic pots were fine and produced really good cobs, but they were in the minority. Most were grown in toilet rolls and were stunted from the start. The kernels have been very patchy and in some cases so sparse they weren't worth bothering with. But look what I found attached to the base of one cob:

A mini cob! You wouldn't get one like that in Sainsburys.

The allotment has been very neglected recently. The weather has been rubbish and I have been busy decorating. Nearly finished (one room) - just waiting for someone to come and build us some shelves next week, then we can do the finishing touches, AND finally finish unpacking our boxes. I am planning to go over this afternoon, if only to harvest a few things, but wouldn't you know it - it's just started raining again. I'll have a cup of tea first, then maybe I'll just have to get wet.


Damo said...

Shame about your sweetcorn, not seen a coblet before I'll have to check. Spent most of the day preparing for our village show. Had enough of looking at veg now!!

Jo said...

Hope the rain cleared up for you. I'm without sweetcorn this year and last years harvest was rubbish too. I'm putting it down to starting the seeds off in toilet roll inners and will go back to using plant pots next year.