Monday, 25 October 2010

Jelly Beans

Not really. Runner beans of course, but they do look so much like sweeties. I've saved these to plant next year. Having grown two types of runner next to each other this year these are probably the result of cross pollination, but I don't think it will matter - I clearly don't have a very discerning palate because as far as I'm concerned runner beans are runner beans.

I haven't been to the plot since before the frost, and now I've got another stint of decorating to do over half term, before I can give any more serious time to the allotment for a while. I left the last of the butternut squashes to see if they would get a bit riper before I picked them, they were all very small, and I covered them all up with leaves to protect them but I doubt if they will be usable now. I did have a couple of sessions last week, and I will probably go up to do a bit of harvesting soon.


Damo said...

I'm going to try a white flowered variety of runner bean that I'm hoping will be more productive when the weather isn't great.

Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

Last year I collected two jars' worth of purple runner beans because I just couldn't resist!

Unfortunately I didn't think it through properly - they needed drying out, not jarring, and moisture got in and rotted them all. Ah well, you live and learn!

Poppy said...

I've collected bean seeds for growing next year this year. They are still on their 'vines' drying in the hallway.

I also agree with you, runner beans just tastelike runner beans to me, good job I like them