Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Looking forward to the new season

We finally had some snow, a couple of days before Christmas, and the boys made a snowman. Rather an evil looking character I thought...

Christmas day was beautiful, with the snow still fresh and bright sunshine and blue sky, so we went for a walk down to the canal, which was frozen solid.

I did manage to produce some Christmas vegetables after all, although I had to clear away the snow first, locate the position of the parsnips, chip away at the 3 or 4 inches of frozen soil on top, and then it was fairly easy to get the spade in and I managed to unearth 3 good sized parsnips. I also produced the tiny brussels (below left, on the right are the supplementary ones from Sainsburys!) I gave up on the idea of digging up the remaining carrots, or the leeks, as by this time I was both soaked and frozen, and I had already bought some carrots as an insurance policy. The Cara potatoes had stored well and we were able to use them for roasties. Quite a success story on the whole, given the circumstances.

I am now starting to think about next season, and I have just been through my seed stock to see what I need to buy. As it turns out, I don't need much, and I'm hoping to be able to get all or most of it from the local hardware shop. Apart from seed potatoes and onion sets, for which I will go back to the marvellous place I went last year: masses of choice and very cheap.

My big dilemma at the moment is whether or not to 'fess up to the allotment lady that I have moved. If I tell her I am on another waiting list she may not mind me keeping on the old one until the new one comes up. On the other hand, there may be a very strict policy about it, and I might end up with nothing. Tricky.


Damo said...

I'd keep stum about the allotment, as long as you're growing stuff on it and keeping up with the weeding etc there shouldn't be a problem? Best of luck for next year.

Jo said...

Hmmm, I'd say don't say a thing. Looks like you had some tasty veg for Christmas dinner even though you had to supplement with veg from Sainsburys. Happy New Year. Hope 2011 brings everything you wish for.

Brian said...

Nice looking Brussel Sprouts