Monday, 8 April 2013

Still too cold for planting.... I've found some other jobs to do. In the fruit patch, I sprayed the couch grass a few weeks ago - I know, I'm not really keen on using weedkiller if I don't have to, but you can't really get couch grass out from among raspberries without digging up the whole lot - and now that it has died back I am planning to cover the area with bark chips. There is a big pile in the car park for anyone to use. I started this job this morning, firstly by covering the rows of raspberries.

I took the temperature of the soil as well, with my new soil thermometer - result - less than 1 degree c. Closer to zero actually. So I have taken the drastic step of covering up the potato patch with clear polythene to try and warm it up a bit. I have anchored it down well with bricks, tyres and water barrels, and buried the edges with soil, so I hope it doesn't blow away or rip. I've sown what I can in pots and modules in the greenhouse, and will be doing some more this afternoon, but everything else such as carrots, parsnips, spinach etc that I would normally be sowing around now, will just have to wait.

On a brighter note, here is my first harvest of the year - a lemon - from my lemon tree! It's quite small, and not very juicy, but it definitely looks and tastes like a lemon. Naturally, I used it in a G & T - cheers!


Compostwoman said...

Black plastic would absorb the heat better, actually :-) I use black geotextile weed suppressant to both exclude light ( to weed) AND to warm up the soil.

I love the lemons - wish I could grow them here :-)

Rachael said...

I am sure you are right about black plastic, but I wanted something quickly and cheaply, and these sheets were available in Wilkos. Plus I plan to re-use the sheets later in the year to make cloche tunnels for my squashes if we get another cold summer.