Sunday, 7 July 2013

Blooming Flowers


I have been picking flowers regularly for the last couple of weeks now and they are starting to come thick and fast. These are anemones and chrysanthemums. I have been really impressed with both of these, especially the chrysanths, they are so easy to grow and last for ages in a vase. I also have some extraordinary sweet peas which start off purple then gradually turn electric blue. I will post a picture soon.

Other flowers I have been picking are elderflowers, here being brewed up into cordial. These lemons are also home grown, there are still a couple left on the tree.

All the crops are starting to get going now that we have some fine warm weather, and I am hopeful that I might even get a harvest from the peppers and chillies which I had just about given up on not long ago. I have been up at the plot early in the mornings this weekend, trying to get everything done before a) it gets too hot and b) the tennis came on. What a result for Andy Murray! Finally!

My plot is looking really tidy at the moment, and apart from everything being a couple of weeks behind, it's all doing well now. I might even go and take some pictures later.... and pick some more flowers!

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