Sunday, 13 April 2014

Pond nearly finished

Here is the pond with some water and plants in it. It needs a water lily or something as it is in full sun most of the day which can cause a build-up of algae. I have put a couple of spreading plants around the outside edge and sowed a few seeds, and I will be adding more stones as I rake them off the plot. Beyond the pond I have spread a thick mulch of bark chips (we had a delivery from a local tree surgeon) so no weeding in this area this year :)

These are some half hardy annual seedlings, dahlia Bishops Children, Morning Glory and Zinnia. On the right are Aquilegia seedlings.

These tomato and chilli seedlings are in my 'inner greenhouse', which is my small plastic greenhouse inside the main greenhouse. At the bottom of it is a thermostatic tube heater, which keeps them warm at night.

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