Monday, 15 September 2008

Summer's back!

Spotted these two butterflies in the garden yesterday - I don't know what they are?

This afternoon on the allotment, as I was shovelling the well-rotted manure, I inadvertantly uncovered a nest of three tiny, newborn baby mice (or something, most probably mice). They were really new - pink, bald and helpless. As I stood there, panicking slightly, wondering if I could rectify the situation, the mother scuttled out from under a bush, took one look at me and, quite understandably, ran away terrified. I decided that the damage was already done, the nest was probably done for, so I made a little hollow at the back of the heap, put some dried grass in it and moved them all into that. Then I covered it up with the tarpaulin that had been covering the manure. A little while later I peeked in to see if they were ok and they were all gone! So I HOPE that the mother had found them and taken them away somewhere safer. I did feel so guilty and distressed about it.

The toad has moved away from under the plank. There was a toad-shaped indentation in the soil! There were a lot of empty snail shells in the manure heap too - I wonder what had been eating them, or perhaps they just died there - a snail graveyard?

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