Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New seed catalogues

Today I received my new copy of 'The Organic Gardening Catalogue', and recently the new T& M catalogue too. Definites for next year so far:
Sungold tomatoes. 'Voted by gardeners as the sweetest tomato ever from seed'. Unfortunately they are F1 hybrids so a bit more expensive and I won't be able to save the seed, but I shall do the trusty Gardener's Delight as well.
Dwarf french beans instead of climbing ones. I like the look of 'Aiguillon' - 'a true 'haricot vert', pencil slim, stringless beans .... mature very early on strong, upright plants'.
I'm very tempted by all the exciting looking squashes, such as Uchiki Kuri, Marina Di Chioggia, Blue Ballet - most of them in fact, although I'm not sure if the family really likes them, except made into soup with plenty of chilli and spice. Also they take up a lot of space which I might need for other things. But I'll certainly be doing one of them.
Spinach - I've never grown it before because I don't like what it does to my teeth - I don't mean getting bits of green stuck between them - I mean it makes them feel all rough and funny. But the family say they all like it so I'm thinking of a leaf beet called 'Erbette' - 'a tasty traditional cut and come again leaf beet from Italy, with tender green leaves and stems'. It looks more like spinach but hopefully won't have the same effect on the teeth.
Spud varieties (from T&M): 'Mimi' a little pink 1st early; 'Anya' a cross between pink fir apple and Desiree - 2nd early; Charlotte - 2nd early; and maincrop - 'Sarpo Mira', which has everything apparently - 'unprecedented blight resistance, huge yields, vigorous weed suppressing foliage, long storage, and tubers do not appear to be affected by slugs'. Not that I've had much of a problem with slugs on my spuds, but it doesn't hurt to be on your guard.
I might go and check out what the local garden centre has first though, as I hate the suspense of waiting for the seed potatoes in the post. I was on tenterhooks last year, wondering if I'd have enough time to chit them properly.

The other dilemma is whether I should buy new seeds while I still have some left over from last year? And what to do with seeds that you don't really want to use again? I don't like throwing them away and I don't like spending money if I don't have to. I could Freecycle them I suppose. Mm - good idea.

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