Monday, 6 October 2008

Autumnul hues

The virginia creeper looked beautiful this morning in the early morning sun.

I have had a really productive day at the allotment today. I found the additional planks I needed for the edges, down behind the cabin, and took them down there (or rather, my neighbour, who is a man with a van with a roofrack, and just happened to appear as I was trying to insert the plank into the boot of my car, with the front end sticking out of the front window, which he informed me was highly illegal - took it down there for me). So I got those into position, then cleared away the last of the weeds as far down as the builder's-sack-compost-container, which is about 6 metres, then went to collect 5 bags of bark chips and spread them along by the edge of the plank, leaving a border along the hedge, where I planted 20 daffodils and 20 bluebells (bargains from Wilko's - and yes I'm pretty sure the bluebells are native British ones) - oh- and a cowslip which my parents donated.

I also strimmed the grass on the other edge, removed the mesh from the carrots (I'm pretty sure the carrot fly season is over now..??) and dismantled the runner bean wigwam. Finally I emptied a bin of bokashi into the compost bin. I brought home some chard from my neighbours, and a few sprigs of p.s.brocolli. Believe it or not there are STILL strawberries ripening, but they don't taste very nice any more so I didn't bother to bring any home. The strawberries really need weeding, but that's a job for another day.

The birds have been enjoying the sunflower seeds, of which there are still quite a few left, so I will leave them for now. A bit of a mystery: under the hedge I found a stash of walnuts and walnut shells - I didn't think there were any walnut trees growing on the allotments, but I suppose there could be. One of the old hands will probably know.

Another day of rain to come tomorrow, and my water butt is already full right to the brim. I suppose it will just have to overflow.

Unfortunately I keep forgetting to take the camera with me, but next time I should really take some pictures as things are changing quite rapidly at the moment.

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