Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Blackberry boo-boo

I stopped off at Lidl yesterday on the way home from work, to see if they still had any cheap fruit bushes. I picked up two packs of what I thought were blackcurrant plants, for a grand total of £1.28, only to get home and discover they were actually blackberries. The very close-up pictures looked just like blackcurrants. Still, they were little more than sticks really, very recent cuttings, and so I haven't lost out much.

I might see if Wilkos have any though.

Here is the plot, looking very empty and dull after removing all the marigolds. (Notice the newish plotholder the other side of the hedge has recently put a shed up). There are still carrots coming (behind my shadow), celeriac to the left and behind that, leeks.

I don't know if it's just wishful thinking, but I think the leeks have perked up a bit since I fed them, but they are still a bit feeble.

I'm also fairly certain that there are fewer whitefly and aphids on the broccoli. Whether this is down to the spraying I gave them, or the cold night we have just had, I'm not sure.

I went to the garden centre today and bought some autumn planting onion sets, some garlic and some broad bean seeds, all to be planted soon.

Here is the Phacelia Tanacetifolia (sp?) - green manure, on next year's summer veg patch (ie squashes/courgettes, sweetcorn, tomatoes).

I also chopped down all the comfrey and put it in the compost. Next job is to empty the bin of finished compost so I can start filling it up again.


Mrs Be said...

Your plot's looking good! I've got some autumn green manure to go in (yes, a bit behind). Never used it before but this Autumn I'm all about looking after my soil.

PS> Thanks for visiting my blog. Meant to say that ages ago (can you see a theme here?!)

Rachael said...

Hello Mrs Be - as you can see I visit your blog regularly! Thanks for visiting mine too - it's nice to know I'm not alone in cyberspace.