Monday, 19 January 2009


On Soilman's advice I have sown my celeriac today. It is on the kitchen windowsill wrapped in bubblewrap. I have done them in modules as I imagine they will be quite big by the time I plant them out. Normally I scatter them in a seed tray and plant them out directly from there.

Another gardening-related-but-not-actual-gardening thing I have done is re-homing my seed packets in a very organised shoe-box. The 'no-stress' logo seemed very appropriate.

The seed potato shoots are turning a much healthier greeny-purple now that they have been out in the light for a few days. It still seems very early to be starting them off, but thinking about it, 8 weeks or so will take me to early/mid-March which is not too early for earlies is it? Anyone else started chitting yet?

My greenhouse lettuces have had a growth spurt recently - there will soon be enough for a single portion of salad!


Soilman said...

Oo-er. Hope they work for you, Rachael, or you're going to kill me...!!

Yes, I also start mine in modules. Don't panic when they do nothing for ages. They grow AMAZINGLY slowly.

Rachael said...

Well I have been very patient so far - resisting the urge to keep unwrapping them and have a peek. However I did feel I had to check when I saw the cat walking right across the top of the tray !! Grrrr...