Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Enforced early chitting programme

My seed potatoes, which as you know, arrived well before Christmas, were unable to hold back any longer from sprouting in their box, and when I checked them the other day found long sickly white shoots emerging, some up to 2 inches long. On the advice of an 'expert' at Thomson and Morgan I brought them out and put them out to chit, removing the very long shoots (anything of 1" or more). This is a good couple of weeks earlier than I had planned to start them off, so goodness knows what they will look like by the time I'm ready for planting. The main crop - Sarpo Mira - have held back a bit so I have left them in the box, but I could see they would soon start sprouting too. Here are the 1st earlies, Mimi, on a north-facing windowsill:

And here are the 2nd earlies: Charlotte and Anya, sitting in a shower caddy I got from Wilkos for about £2.99 last year and which fits perfectly on the north-facing landing windowsill.

This morning I am in the process of making Seville orange marmalade. I wish I had given myself more than a morning to do it, I have to go out at 1pm and I am still softening the peel at 20 to 11. It is such a large quantity - 1.5kg of oranges, 9 pints of water, 4kg of sugar, I think I will have to divide it between two preserving pans otherwise it might take all day. I have washed and prepared about 20 jars. I hope it sets as I would hate to waste that amount of ingredients.

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Matron said...

I always chit my potatoes on a bench next to a window. They need to always be in the light to chit, and never in the dark. As cold as possible but not frosted.