Wednesday, 17 February 2010

More mushroom news

Are we all well and truly sick of hearing about mushrooms now? Well I am sorry because there's not a lot else going on. Unfortunately the first cluster of mushrooms which were doing so well, suddenly decided to shrivel up and die. It happened just after I misted them for the first time. I haven't misted them at all since, just left a pool of water in the dish, and now they are sprouting out all over. These ones are looking much more promising....

The celeriac seedlings are doing pretty well too.

The Stevia seeds mostly germinated, but many of them were affected with a bit of damping off, and I am only left with four or five seedlings, still very small. Luckily I kept a few seeds back so I can try again. I think the plants get quite big so I probably won't need that many. If they do well and flower I may be able to collect the seeds for next time.

I have managed to get to the plot briefly this week, and I even took the camera, but I got soaked by sleet and hail before I had a chance to take any pictures. Which was a shame because I planted three blackcurrant bushes, and de-thatched the strawberry patch. I had just started digging up couch grass from among the strawberries, which involved digging up a few strawberry plants in the process, when the heavens opened, and I couldn't leave because I hadn't replanted the strawberries.

One of my compost daleks has been infiltrated by rodents. I keep finding a rat-sized hole at the top of the compost, and a pile of freshly dug earth just behind. On investigation it seems I was not very careful with repositioning last time I emptied the bin, and it is now overhanging the mesh rat barrier by a couple of inches, this is obviously where they are getting in. I can't do anything about it for now, as the bin is full and far too heavy to move. I did try to slide another piece of mesh underneath but it hasn't worked. Still I think the compost will be ready before long so I can deal with it soon. Just need to weather to warm up.......

Still no sign of the broad beans I did in the greenhouse. I dug one up the other day to see what is going on. It had the beginnings of a bit of root coming out of the bottom, so I think it is happening, just very slowly. They don't seem to be rotting, so there is no reason not to be optimistic.

One thing I am not optimistic about is that the weather is going to change any time soon. I think we are in for a very late spring indeed. I was going to sow some seeds this week (chillis and tomatoes), but I'm being very restrained, because even if they germinate ok indoors, they will have to hang around in a very cold greenhouse for quite a while. It's not worth it.


Jo said...

These mushrooms look promising. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Glad to hear that you managed to get to the plot. I haven't done a thing on my allotment yet this year.

Damo said...

I don't grow mushrooms so am intrigued and looking forward to your regular updates. You're right to be restrained, I've ploughed ahead and will probably get caught out!

Kella said...

I agree I think spring is also going to be much later this year and I am also trying to be restrained and not sow anything till the end of the month for the earliest.

For the same reasons, I just can't be molly coddling tons of young vege plants all spring in the conservatory and the green house.

If I do sow anything it would be the toms, pepers, aubergines, onions and anything that needs a relatively long season. Other than that everything will be kept on hold till late March or middle April.

Wheteher I can restrain myself that long, is the real challenge.

Matron said...

I've grown mushrooms a few times and always found them to be temperamental. The spawn seeds (rice grains) were a dead loss, nothing there at all. The box kits are a bit better but I have only ever got one crop from them. They are supposed to keep growing but they don't.