Monday, 3 May 2010

Help! It's May already

I'm not exactly behind, but where did April go? In a couple of weeks I will have to start thinking about sowing my beans, so today I have been clearing the weedy patches where they are to be grown. As usual, I forgot to take the camera, but here are a few pictures of how my young plants are getting on...



squash (not sure which ones these are)



My butternut squashes are a bit behind, none of the four original sowings came up, so I decided to put the rest of the packet to chit, to see if any of them would. I've sown four more, but as yet there is only one starting to show.

Since my last post, I have planted out summer cabbages, celeriac and sunflowers, cleared the summer veg area and made a start on clearing the bit at the end where the nasty weed infestation is. The potatoes are up and away and I have already had to earth them up twice. The peas are looking brilliant and the lettuce, kale, spinach and parsnips are all trying hard. The carrots are struggling, as are the spring onions. Yesterday I spent about three hours weeding the onions and garlic - all looking good. Photos next time.

Yesterday we went to the woods to see how the bluebells are getting on. It was cold and windy, and cloudy, but the bluebells are just coming into full swing. If it's sunny next weekend I might try and go again, see if I can get some better photos.


Damo said...

I know what you mean there's so much to do. Must go for a walk in the woods this week to see the bluebells.

Jo said...

I love to see bluebells en masse, I haven't seen any yet this year. Your seedlings look to be doing well, and it sounds like you've made a great start at the allotment.

wellrooted said...

Hi, Gardens looking great ,We been following your plot. Your corn is looking so much better than ours! Would you like to trade blogrolls?