Monday, 10 May 2010

Security at last

We have finally had these new security gates put in, and a little bit of fencing as well, but only a bit each side of each gate. The prickly hawthorn hedges are now well enough established to deter all but the most determined troublemakers. However, as yet the gates are not locked, and we haven't been told whether or when this will happen or if we will all get keys. Apparently some people don't want the gates to be locked, but it seems a rather expensive and pointless exercise to have new gates if they are not secure. We'll wait and see.

Here's my strawberry/fruit/squash patch prior to weeding....

and after. I removed quite a lot of the nasty, unidentified weed with the long stringy roots, but there is still quite a bit left and I will probably have to fork through it again before planting out my squashes here.

Here are my potatoes, (looking as if they're planted on a very steep slope, but it's just the camera angle) before I earthed them up again, as best I could, but some of them are getting too big to be earthed up any more. Which is worrying as we are forecast more frost tonight and tomorrow, and no apparent end in sight to this cold weather. I still haven't got any fleece. When oh when are we going to get some seasonal weather again? Everything (apart from the potatoes) seems to have just stopped growing.

My asparagus is really disappointing, we have had about seven spears so far, and there are only about four of the original ten crowns that are producing anything. The rest seem to have died.

The purple sprouting brocolli has almost run out of steam. The plants look extremely healthy - big, bushy and lush dark green in colour, but they haven't really produced many actual sprouts. They're all leaf and no sprout. If anyone has any explanation for this or tips on how I can encourage more sprouts, I'd be glad to know.


Kella said...

Have to agree that it does seem pointless to have a non lockable gate.

Hoped your spuds survived the drop in temps, mine were earthed up last Thursday so I ma hoping the are still cosy.

No explaination for the lack of brocolli but I eat the young leaves too like I would kale. That way I don't feel like I haven't gotten a crop of the plants.

Jo said...

We always keep our site gate locked but I've heard of other people who don't want theirs to be locked. I can't see the point of having a security gate if it's left open. You look to be winning the war of the weeds. I know all about those stringy roots, I've got them too.

Damo said...

Seems pointless without locks on them, hopefully you'll get some soon. Not sure on the PSB my first time and the plants are still growing strong, enough for a couple of meals every other night - they are huge plants though, 5-6 feet tall.