Monday, 14 March 2011

Spring Sunshine

The last few days have been gloriously sunny and springlike, and I have been making the most of it down on the plot. I have planted strawberries through the weed fabric, which was quite a fiddly job and some of the plants look as if they have died, either because they have not been planted properly, or because the flaps of the holes have covered the plants and deprived them of light. However, at least those that survive shouldn't need too much weeding.

In the next bed along I have sown some broad beans, and next but one along from that has onions in it. Aside from that I have just been clearing weeds, ready for the next crops, namely potatoes, carrots, peas. There is quite a lot of couch grass, mixed in with ordinary grass, which makes me paranoid about accidentally putting couch grass in the compost bin, so to speed things up I have just been stripping off all the grass and chucking it all on the non-compostable compost pile.

Meanwhile, back at the house, the greenhouse crops are coming on nicely. They are all potted on now, except for the aubergines, which have only just come up, and red peppers, which I gave up on and sowed some more from a new packet. Lo and behold, no sooner had I done so than the original ones are now starting to show. Typical.
I had a lovely garden centre shopping spree yesterday, got my 5 shrubs for £20, 8 perennials for £10, several half price bargains, including the most beautiful hellebore, only just slightly past its best, and one or two other items. Tomorrow afternoon I will be planting those out.

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