Sunday, 27 March 2011

Things are growing...

The chillies are developing their first true leaves and the peppers are all doing well now too.

Flowers on the top shelf: candytuft, sunflowers and calendula, and bottom shelf has brussels sprouts, cabbages and leeks.

Tomatoes are getting quite big as are the cucumbers, not shown. I have also sown sweet peas, herbs, marigolds and nemesia.

Down at the plot, the broad beans are coming up and the onions are beginning to put up shoots.

It was very exciting to discover today that there are wrens nesting in the hedge behind my compost bins. I hope I won't disturb them too much. There is a road on the other side of the hedge which doesn't seem to bother them.

My only concern now is that it is so dry - we haven't had any rain for weeks and weeks. The water butt is almost empty already. I think the taps are switched on at the beginning of April, and the forecast is predicting rain for Tuesday and Wednesday. I will be on holiday for Easter by the middle of next week so I hope it doesn't rain for too long - short and sharp is what I need.

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RHIANNON said...

looking good, I love it when seedlings squeeze through the soil