Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Plot pictures

Thank you to Trevor at Digging for Victory for asking for allotment pics, it made me realise I hadn't taken any pictures since just after I put the spuds in, at the end of March. Funny how during May things turn gradually from predominantly brown to predominantly green, as everything fills out and takes off. At the moment it's still mainly brown, but by the end of the month I expect to see the balance tipped.

Things are looking so much better since we had a really good few downpours over the weekend. I have a full water butt now as well!

The tomatoes are all flowering profusely now:

I think these Sungold flowers are particularly pretty with their green stripe.

I have had to hastily erect my runner bean frame today, as the beans I put in just over a week ago are already 6-8" tall and look like they need to be planted out. I will harden them off for a few days and then they'll have to take their chances. If they are going to grow that quickly there's always time to plant some more if a frost gets them.


Anonymous said...

It's all looking good on the plot. I agree with the predominantly brown colour. Mine is the same but in another two weeks it will have changed l am sure. It is an amazing time of the year isn't it. It sounds like you are going to have a good lot of beans if they keep growing at that rate! Thanks for the pics!

Mal's Allotment said...

At this rate Rachael, you'll have to drop the Weedy part of your blog's name!

It's looking good!