Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pond Life

As promised, here are a few pictures of the completed pond. This frog moved in the day after we filled it up with water, and as we were putting the plants in we discovered that he/she had been joined by a companion. A friend donated some floating weed and some snails, but we did also go a bit crazy at the garden centre. We didn't spend enough time getting the levels right (too impatient!) so as a result there is quite a lot of liner showing round the edges, and we thought the more plants we get the quicker they will be disguised. There has also been a lot of evaporation in this hot dry weather.

The cat is quite keen on drinking the water, but whether this is because he just likes the novelty of it or because he is developing some dreadful feline disease, is not clear. I suspect the former, as he still doesn't drink the water in his bowl.

We did have a bit of a frost the night before last, but luckily my potatoes got away with it, being in a sheltered corner by a hedge. I put a little heater in the greenhouse so those plants are all doing fine as well.

I'm going to start hardening off my outdoor tomatoes this weekend, but I won't plant them outside until the end of May. As I started them off so early, and they are quite advanced, I thought I would try rooting some of the sideshoots as cuttings, so that I have some younger plants coming along later in the summer. I have never tried this before but so far so good.

Back at the plot, the broad beans are starting to flower, and the Red Duke of York earlies are also developing flower buds. Most of the parsnips have come up, and spinach, carrots and onions are all doing well. Very few peas came up though, so I have re-sown, this time with pre-chitted seed, to see if that makes any difference... but nothing yet. If that fails, I will have to try soaking them in parafin first, in case it's mice.

STILL no rain - not a drop now since the beginning of April. It keeps being forecast but never comes, but fingers crossed for this weekend.


Kay @ Kay's Cakes said...

Well I guess you've got the rain now, and what a relief I'm sure!
Interesting about the parafin, anything to put the little pests of having a nibble is good news.
Looks like your pond has been of great success already, you don't normally get frogs so eager, what a good sign, and he looked very happy with it all too!

Rachael said...

Thanks Kay - but no, still no rain. We are expecting some over the weekend though, fingers crossed

wartimegardening said...

Our cat is the same; it drinks from a trough that l soak my willow in ignoring the lovely clean dish we give her. Strange habit. Hope it rains for you this weekend!

wartimegardening said...

Good luck with those peas Rachael. That greenhouse looks fit to bursting! Have you tried kissing that frog yet......?