Tuesday, 19 April 2011

An Easter Holiday Project

We are making a wildlife pond at the far end of our garden, in front of the cabin. Unfortunately my husband broke his wrist last night, playing tennis, so that has impeded our progress a little, but fortunately he had done a lot of the preliminary excavations before it happened (as well as the hoovering, luckily!) This morning I finished the digging and shaping, and this is where we have got to by mid afternoon today. Now we just have to leave it for a few days to settle, and then we can set about trimming and concealing the edges of the liner.

There is a very deep bit in the middle (nearly a meter I should think), some 'shelving' around the edges, and a 'beach' at one end for creatures to climb in and out, and to sunbathe on. There were a number of large boulders around the garden, left over from a rockery that some previous owners built, as well as quite a few smaller stones, which we will arrange around the edges. I'll keep you posted and put up some more pictures when it's all finished.

Thank you for the encouraging comments after my last post, nobody has said anything discouraging so far, so I think/hope I am doing the right thing in taking on the new plot, and I am going to ask for a couple of months of overlap period, while I move all my stuff over and finish off any crops that are left.


Anonymous said...

Aw I do hope your husband recovers swiftly, such bad luck!
I've been toying with the idea of a wildlife pond for a while now, nothing quite as extravagent as your project but its definately willed me on my way, can't wait to see the pics when it's all done...bring on the froggies!!!

Shiny New Allotment Holder said...

Ouch - your poor husband!

Good luck with the new plot - unlike most plots that get offered round after a full seasons weed-growing, looks like you've been offered one in great shape...

Anonymous said...

The picture of your cat made me smile...our cat does exactly the same thing by squeezing herself on top of a container wrapping her body round a fig tree.
Good work on the allotment and hope the Hooverer gets well soon!

Soilman said...

Great cat!!