Friday, 23 March 2012

A Lucky Find

At the bottom of our garden, behind the shed, is an old steel cabinet. Since we moved in, we have never been able to open it and find out what was inside, as it was jammed at the top of the doors. Thinking it would be an ideal home for all my plant pots and trays, which were until then stacked up in front of the cupboard, covered in a thick layer of rotting autumn leaves, a couple of days ago I went out and bought a crowbar, and finally got the thing open. Inside I found this mini plastic growhouse: all it needed was a good clean and it's as good as new. So I have set it up inside the greenhouse, moved a few seedlings into it and there is still plenty of room, I might move some of these tomato and pepper seedlings in as well, which are currently cluttering up the conservatory and dripping water all over the floor.

I now wish I had discovered it BEFORE I had gone out and wasted £25.00 on a plastic/aluminium coldframe, which is worse than useless. One gust of wind and it would blow away if I left it outside; inside the greenhouse it takes up a lot of room and is difficult to get things in and out of without having three hands. Oh well, you live and learn. Another offering for Freecycle I suppose.

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Lea said...

What a great thing to find!
Happy gardening!
Lea's Menagerie