Wednesday, 14 March 2012


If you are a regular reader you will have noticed that I have given this blog a bit of a makeover. Not being very technically minded it took me quite a long time to work out how to do it, particularly when it came to sizing photographs. The air was pretty blue for a while I can tell you. Anyway, I am pleased with the final result, but I do have a confession to make, which is that the picture at the top of the blog is in fact a picture of my old allotment, by that I mean two allotments ago. Perhaps that doesn't matter although I feel it might give a false impression of what my current situation is!

Anyway, having absolutely nothing to take pictures of at the moment, except for pots of compost containing seeds which have yet to germinate, I have made a little collage, a sort of advance preview, of what I HOPE to see adorning my present allotment this coming summer. I have recently sown seeds of cosmos, swan river daisy, marigold, calendula, borage, poppy, cornflower, echium, nasturtium, sunflower, cerinthe, verbena bonariensis, godetia and candytuft. Plus I have planted small plants of lavender, ox eye daisy, fox and cubs, English mace, yarrow and one or two others I can't recall just now. So not only will it look pretty and delightful to humans, but will also have the pollinating insects swarming in from far and wide. So far only the marigolds, swan river daisies and cosmos are starting to come up, but it's early days. Fingers crossed this will be the most colourful allotment year to date.


elaine rickett said...

Love your header picture - do you not grow veg at your allotment? I haven't started to sow flower seeds yet but have been doing a lot of veg sowing - hopefully if this lovely weather lasts I should be able to make headway with the flowers this weekend. Exciting stuff.

Rachael said...

Hi Elaine - ha ha yes it does look like nothing but flowers doesn't it - if you look carefully you might be able to spot a few leeks and some sweetcorn!