Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas decs!

Nothing whatsoever to do with allotments, but I just wanted to show off my Christmas decorations! I love to have the house bedecked with greenery brought in from the garden:

Fairy lights and things the children have brought home from school over the years,

and of course, the sweetie tree!

The snow-flakes are stuck on the window behind, not part of the tree.
Sorry about the fuzziness of some of the above - I switched the flash off to get the warmth of the fairy lights so got a bit of camera shake as a result of the longer exposure.

Allotment news is: the vandals came back once again, but haven't been back the last two times I've been. I intend to go again tomorrow to check. Also, my seed potatoes have already arrived - a couple of weeks ago actually, so I've left them in their cardboard box and put them in a cool dark place, hoping they won't go mouldy between now and February when I get them out to start chitting. When's the earliest you can start? January?


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