Monday, 9 March 2009

Genuine Germination

This time it's for real - on the left, two melons, I can't remember how many I sowed. Tomatoes in the middle (and there are two other trays, not shown) and cucumbers on the right, which I have now potted on and moved into the greenhouse. The red peppers are just beginning to emerge, but there is still no sign of the orange peppers or the chillies.

Last Friday I planted two apple trees (cordons) in the garden. I haven't taken a photo because to be honest, at the moment they just look like a couple of sticks stuck in the ground. I shall take a picture when they have grown branches and are covered in blossom ! One variety is Scrumptious, the other is Saturn.

I'm off to the plot this afternoon to do some digging and weeding. I haven't been since I planted the blackcurrant bushes. I've got lots of flowering plants to take up and plant: crocosmia, primroses, sedums (all from the garden), and various perennials I bought last week in the garden centre.


Soilman said...

I'll be totally in awe if you can grow edible, sweet melons. This is one of my dreams, but I have to suppress it as ridiculous and fanciful. Is it really possible in the UK? Even under glass???

Rachael said...

Well... I produced two last year (see Aug 31 2008 'Greenhouse Magic' for photographic evidence) but as I said, they were rather small. I'm doing a different type this year, so watch this space.