Sunday, 1 March 2009

Seeds, seedlings and chitting

I have filled up my heated propogator today with tomatoes (Sungold, Red Cherry, Gardener's Delight and Moneymaker), peppers (Gourmet [orange] and California Wonder [red]), melon Yellow Baby, cucumber Melen, and chilli Ring of Fire.

So the Marmande tomatoes and celeriac have had to be relegated to the greenhouse to make room. I have also done a tray of early leeks - fingers crossed they will be a bit better than last year's pitiful crop.

Here are the over-wintered lettuces, which I keep forgetting to pick.

And the Anya potatoes, which are chitting nicely, as are all the others but I won't show you them all. I'm planning to plant first and second earlies maybe the 3rd week in March, main crop in mid-April.

Slight mystery - I'm sure I ordered two packets of cucumber, but I can only find one, and it only contains four seeds (F1 hybrids - very stingey). Guess I'll have to buy another packet from a garden centre, as I want to do a second sowing mid-summer.

I have also ordered two cordon Apple trees - one Scrumptious, one Saturn, which will go in the garden against the fence where I have recently removed a supposedly thornless (only it wasn't) blackberry. It was never very attractive and was turning into a bit of a thug. I don't even like blackberries that much and anyway you can pick them from the hedges at the allotments.

Also today I have put in a few snowdrop plants under the damson tree. 50p each!

So, now that it's March, lots of sowing and planting to do this month. I still haven't got my onion sets. It's all go...

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