Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I have produced cauliflowers

Would you believe it? I was just eyeing the brassicas despondently, purple sprouting brocolli - five had to be dug up as they were dead, cabbage - rotting on their stalks and haven't hearted up at all, and wondering how long to give it before digging them all up for composting, when I spotted this! There are several more coming too. It's the first time I've ever grown cauliflower so I wasn't sure when they were supposed to be ready. But I think I have given the remaining seeds away, thinking it was a dead loss. It might be worth another crack after all. I've got romanesco to try this summer, but it's just as well to have something that's ready now, not much else about. Better get some more seeds.

Have been to the plot again this morning - beautiful sunshine and only light winds, and it's starting to look quite organised and tidy now.


BrotherBen said...

Hey Rachael!
'tis your brother here, admiring your cauli' I had understood that they were absolute buggers to grow so congrats! How big is it? Big enough for a cauli cheese for 4?

Rachael said...

It was big enough for 3 - little Ben hates cheese sauce, but he did try some cauli and pronounced it 'nice'!