Sunday, 5 July 2009

Greenhouse Report

These posts are coming thick and fast, I know, but there is just so much happening at the moment. Below, right, are Sungold and Gardener's Delight toms, on the left cucumbers and down at the bottom peppers.

Below are Marmande (left) and Moneymaker, Red Cherry at the far end, and lots more peppers. You can't see them but there are lots of pepper flowers hiding under the leaves.

The chillies (below left) have plenty of flowers and some fruit. On the right, the melons are going a bit beserk. There are only one or two female flowers, with tiny fruitlets behind them, which I have tried to pollinate even though the blurb said they were self-pollinating. I don't want to leave anything to chance. I have nipped out the growing tips to try and stop them taking over the whole greenhouse. You can't see too clearly from this picture (unless you click to enlarge it), but the shoots are snaking all over the place.

This is interesting - the lettuces, which I sowed last September to overwinter, began to bolt several weeks ago, but I never got around to pulling them out, and they are now developing flowers. I have never seen lettuce flowers before, but I thought I may as well let them go all the way now and produce some seed which I could collect.


Jo said...

Yes, everything is going a bit mad at the moment, isn't it? I have a courgette plant in the greenhouse, but I think I'm going to have to take it out as it's threatening to take over.

coffeeandapplepie said...

The joy of seed saving - it also saves you money - hurrah! I have some winter rocket that I am letting go to seed, so I will sow in the next month to get some winter luttuce when it expensive and floppy from some far flung country! Cat x

lilymarlene said...

These are all looking splendid!!