Thursday, 23 July 2009

Tomato Pulp

I have christened my passata maker. I had enough ripe tomatoes to make these two containers of tomato pulp for the freezer. When I've got plenty I will make it into proper tomato sauce with garlic, olive oil etc. I had already picked the herbs, thinking I was going to make the sauce straight away (but didn't), so the herbs are already included.

Dish of the day today is pasta with fried courgettes and garlicky cucumber tsatsiki (?) tsasiki? - the greek stuff.


coffeeandapplepie said...

Yummy - I'm round at yours for tea!!!

Jo said...

I haven't got any ripe tomatoes yet. There's plenty of green one's on the plants but I need the sun to come out a bit more to ripen them.

Liz said...

I love your passata maker! Where did you get it from?

RAchael said...

Cat - any time!
Jo - apparently putting a banana near them encourages them to ripen!
Liz - the passata maker is from Seeds of Italy