Saturday, 2 January 2010

First plot visit of 2010

Like most of you I imagine, I haven't been able to do anything at the plot recently, even I had wanted to. However in the brief time when the temperature rose above freezing I did manage to dig up a few respectable looking carrots, three small celeriacs and a cabbage. The carrots and cabbage made a nice dish of coleslaw, while the celeriac was turned into soup.

I went for a walk up there yesterday for a dose of fresh air (I was feeling a bit fragile) and it was a very beautiful day, so I thought I would take some photos for an update. Not that much has changed since the last time I took some. Above is the phacelia, gone a bit droopy and brown since the frosts. As soon as the ground has thawed out I will be digging that in. Everything is in a state of suspended animation. The leeks haven't grown at all for weeks.

The broad beans are just about hanging on, this one is the biggest and most healthy looking.

This is a view along my neighbouring plots towards the back of the scout hut.

I often feel a bit down at this time of year, but having the allotment to focus on makes me feel much more positive about the coming weeks. I know it's a little while before I can really get going on it, but in the meantime I am planning a trip to a nursery which I have been told does 90 different types of seed potato, sold loose. It will soon be time to start them chitting. If I can't find what I want there I could try the Ryton Gardens Potato Day on January 31st. I decided not to get my seed potatoes by mail order this year, as they arrived so early last year and you are restricted to packs of 5, 10 or 20.

I got lots of gardening vouchers for Christmas and I plan to spend them on some new fruit bushes, blackcurrants and blueberries probably. It won't be long before I can start sowing a few seeds, celeriac and maybe some Marmande tomatoes.


Amy said...

Happy new year! I think you have made the first posting about this year rather than looking back at last year so well done.

I haven't even started thinking about the potatoes yet but I might just see what my local garden centre has, like you say the problem with the postal ones is the fixed numbers you have to buy. Let us know what you choose.

Jo said...

I've placed an order with T&M for my seed potatoes. I would love to go to a potato day but don't know of any near me, and the garden centres and nurseries round here don't have a great selection. How lovely to get some gardening vouchers for Christmas. You'll have fun spending those.

Rachael said...

Jo - have a look at this list - you might find a supplier reasonably near you.

Mal's Allotment said...

Rachel (Jo & Amy) You 'guys' are serious allotmenteers! I take my hat off to you for sneaking down so early, Rachel. There's no point in visiting mine as it has been under snow since 17th December. I sneaked some cabbage leeks parsnips and kale just before, but as we went away (top family) for Christmas the brussels have stayed put. Still the planning is a welcome preoccupation when all else (work) is horribly mundane.