Monday, 25 January 2010

Seed Potatoes

I have just been on a trip to Leicester to get my seed potatoes and onion sets. It may seem like a long way at 25 miles each way, but I have saved so much money it was worth it. They have around 90 varieties of seed potato, (although a few had run out) and you can buy them loose. They cost £1.25 a kilo up to 10 kilos, £1.00 a kilo for 10 kilos or above. This is what I will be planting this year:

6 x Foremost }
6 x Vanessa } First early

18 x Anya (saved from last year's crop) } Second early
5 x Maxine }

10 x Kestrel - Second early/early maincrop

10 x Cara }
10 x Rooster } Maincrop

I also bought about 30 red onion sets, 30 brown onion sets and 10 shallot sets. Oh, and two packets of kale seed!

Grand total - £8.03 - which I reckon is a BARGAIN!!

I can also report that I have put my name on the waiting list for an allotment on a site very close to 'our new house'! Apparently I may have to wait about a year, but this seems reasonable considering the length of some waiting lists, and the fact that I already have one - I just won't be able to walk there after we move. On the moving front, everything seems to be proceeding smoothly, but it's still early days.


Jo said...

Bargain. The good thing with this is that you can buy exactly the amount you want, and therefore, can try a few different varieties. Hope you're not waiting too long for a new plot.

allot of veg said...

That sounds great - interested where if you are prepared to share as I am local to Leicester

Rachael said...

Of course - it's Brookside Nurseries in Anstey. Here's the website for details:

allot of veg said...

Spookily I went there today and bought mine before seeing your reply. I spent even less than you but my plot is probably smaller - lets hope it's good stock & thanks. J.