Friday, 7 November 2008

Garlic and Broad Beans IN !

Still no photos - I did take the camera today, only to find the batteries needed recharging, but there wasn't much to photograph anyway. I have put in two rows of garlic and four rows of broad beans. I have also ordered next year's potatoes! 20 Mimi (1st early) 20 Charlotte and 20 Anya (2nd early) and 20 Sarpo Mira. I am doing twice as many as last year, so maybe I can save some for the following year and save a bit of money?
Tonight I have made celeriac gratin dauphinoise - it was a Gordon Ramsay recipe from the Saturday Times magazine, except it was supposed to be hazlenut and celeriac, but I left the nuts out. It was delicious!

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