Monday, 17 November 2008

Soggy and Grey

Needed a walk this afternoon so went up to look at the allotment to see what was going on, and to throw some toilet rolls etc in the compost bin and everything looked very soggy and depressing, but on closer inspection......

...if you look very closely, right in the middle of the picture you will see an onion with a little green shoot coming up! There were two or three like this. I only took the little camera, and I don't know how to zoom in and save it like that.

The other thing I noticed was a leek that had been uprooted and chucked on the ground. Although it was on my plot I'm not sure if it was one of mine - there was no evidence of any other damage, although some of my bamboo canes had been moved. Suspicious, but not alarming. Anyway of course I brought the leek home for tea.

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