Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Indoor winter veg progress report

These are the lettuces growing on the kitchen windowsill - a bit spindly compared to the ones I left in the greenhouse:

These are smaller but look healthier. I think the light must be better. I might try putting some bubble wrap around them to keep them warm at night.

And these are the carrots. ... well - I suppose I might get some in late spring??

Up at the allotment, when I went up to get some leeks and carrots, I spotted a large footprint, which couldn't have been one of mine as it was right in the middle of the over-wintering onions - one of which had been squashed. It's unlikely it was another plot-holder, which can only mean one thing: foul play. But there is no other damage, and only the one single footprint. MOST mysterious. Especially after the leek incident a couple of weeks ago. The 'PLOT' thickens !!!! Ha ha


Soilman said...

You have a Yeti. Could you shoot a picture with an ice-pick for size comparison?

Rachael said...

Ok, I'll see if the print is still there next time I go - don't know about an ice-pick - maybe a trowel?

Matron said...

So important to have something to look forward to this time of year. It is so dark and dismal - brings hope to see little green seedlings!