Sunday, 19 April 2009

Potting on... and recycling

As from next week, the Council are starting a new recycling regime here in Rugby. We have the green wheelie bin collected every two weeks, which takes garden and food waste (not mine though because it all goes into my Bokashi bins!). Every other week we put out the black (landfill) bin and the new blue-lid wheelie bin, into which go all the 'dry' recyclables, which now includes plastics, cardboard, foil, paper and glass bottles and cans.

This means that the two red boxes which were previously used for paper, bottles and cans, are now redundant. What better use for them therefore, than for planting tomatoes in?

The artwork on the window behind is by my children, not me.

I have decided to put two of each of the five tomato varieties inside the greenhouse, the rest can go on the allotment. These two are Marmande. Hopefully there will still be enough room for my cucumbers, peppers, chillies and melons (if there are any left).


Soilman said...

We're about to get the same nonsense. Naturally I approve of recycling etc in principle, but I can't help thinking there must be a more elegant solution than the 90-odd different bins and containers that now litter everyone's front-of-house. It looks awful and is mind-bogglingly complicated...

Rachael said...

Yes that's true.. fine if you've got the space to keep them out of sight but very tricky on terraces. Just to complicate things further, they have decided to change the collection day too.

Gary Jen Sammie and Ruby said...

Nice to see a Rugby Borough Council Recycling bin being put to good use !

Love the blog btw.

Metposts to reinforce the shed sound good, you could try painting something sticky on it too, like used engine oil mixed with sand. Might help!