Monday, 6 April 2009

A windy day on the plot

I've been at the allotment today but I have to say I didn't really enjoy myself because of the strong wind. It makes me really irritable. Despite this I did manage to put up the pea supports (fingers crossed the vandals will leave them alone), sow 2 short rows of carrots under enviromesh cloches, and sow a row of spring onions.

The onions and shallots I had already put in a couple of weeks ago are starting to put shoots up. I also moved a couple of things - some lovage my neighbour gave me, which I thought had died because I put it a bit too close to the comfrey last year and it got smothered, and the one surviving blackcurrant bush. I also cleared out and tidied the shed.

In the garden this week I have planted out my lettuces in the raised bed, and also divided my chives. Also going in here will be parsley and coriander. It's under the tree so a bit shady. The various sticks and netting, as you might have guessed, are to keep the cat off.

I have bodged up this makeshift coldframe, in which I've put the peas waiting to be planted outside, the sunflowers and some cornflower seedlings. I need to plant the peas out soon so there will be room for the next lot of seedlings to be moved in. There isn't much capacity.

That's it really, except to report that there is quite a lot of blossom on the cherry tree I planted last year, and there are even a few blossom buds on one of the apple trees, which I only put in this February. It did say in the blurb that this variety (Scrumptious) was quite precocious!

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