Friday, 17 April 2009

Successes and failures

First the good news:

I pruned this vine right down in February, so I could replace the tangle of wires that was supporting it with this new trellis. Up until very recently, I was convinced it was a gonner - no signs of life whatsoever, but suddenly lots of buds started appearing. It is regenerating, like Dr Who. (You can see the better if you click for a close-up)

Secondly, I just love the colour of these tulips, planted last autumn.

Thirdly, flowers are appearing on the broad beans (and also on the strawberries)

And finally, the appearance of the very first asparagus spear of the year- hurrah!! May there be lots more (and no asparagus beetles). The netting is just to keep the cat off.

Now for the not so good news: something (looks like a fox?) has walked straight across my potato patch! Surely even a fox can see that this is hallowed ground and strictly not for walking on??

Secondly, another branch has snapped off the cherry tree - this is the second since last year. I don't know how they manage to break, they're not exactly heavy. Still, there is plenty of blossom and maybe I can encourage more branches to form with some judicious pruning techniques.

Now for the worst news of all: something has attacked one of my two last remaining melon seedlings - just LOOK at it!!!

One side of the stem has been eaten and it has just fallen over. Out of the four that originally germinated, there is now only one left, so I have immediately sown the last four seeds, in the hopes that I will end up with more than one melon plant this summer.

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Manor Stables veg Plot said...

Its GUTTING when your seedling just peg it! Fingers corssed the last one is okay!