Monday, 2 February 2009

Celeriac germinates

I know, it's a bit blurred, but there they are. I have left the lid off now but am worried they won't be warm enough. They are sitting on the heated propogator, but as the tray is much wider than the base of the propogator, the bottom of the tray isn't in contact with it. I think I'll let the lid dry out a bit then put it back on, but propped open for ventilation. Or I could get some fleece?

Next to these, but not photographed because nothing has happened yet, are some Marmande tomato seeds, sown in one of the proper heated propogator trays, last Friday. As soon as they germinate I will post a picture! These little green shoots help to keep us going through all this snow and icy wind don't they?

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Soilman said...

Don't worry too much about the celeriac. The seedlings will take a bit of cold. Just make sure they get as much light as possible and don't get frosted!