Friday, 20 February 2009

Happy Birthday to Me, Squashed Tomatoes for Tea!

Quite literally, because look what I got for my birthday:

It's a passata maker. You put the scalded tomatoes in the funnel at the top, turn the handle and the pulp comes out of the shute into the container, while the pips and skin come out of the shute at the front into another container. It fixes quite securely to the counter with a suction base. One way to use all the masses of tomatoes we are going to get during the long, hot summer that is on its way. (No harm in being optimistic). You can then either bottle or freeze the passata.

My birthday was yesterday and I was very spoilt. I got lots of lovely books, including some gardening-related ones, chocolates, and of course, plenty of national garden gift vouchers. My husband and the boys made me a cake, we went ice-skating in the afternoon and in the evening out for a meal.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, looks good! And think of the money it will save you when you make your own tomato sauce! yey! Cat x