Tuesday, 19 May 2009

And here's mine...

It's based on the now famous(!) Munty design, which you can read all about on here. (See page 3 for a good example without beans, page 4 for one with beans growing - gorgeous!). You may not see any similarity at first, but the principle is the same: the open side of the structure faces south and the beans grow towards the light. As the beans grow they are supposed to dangle down from the underside of the slope, making them easier to see and pick. I will post another picture when the beans have climbed to the top, so you can see whether it works!


Anonymous said...

fingers crossed....! And fingers crossed for non-destruction!
Cat @ Manor Stables Veg Plot

Kella said...

Hi just found your blog and its a lovely read.

Sorry to hear of all the vandalism on your site, I'm sure it can be very demoralising.

I'll be sure to pop back in often so I can keep abreast of all your progress.

PS your dad's bean support is fab, I quite like it's ability to be folded away at the end of season.