Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Shed partially vandal-proofed. What will they do next?

While my parents were here at the weekend, helping me out with various gardening/allotment jobs (including felling a tree, and lopping 4 ft off a hedge) A BIG THANK YOU MUM AND DAD!!! we implemented my shed-securing plan, ie screwing the back of the shed to two posts driven into the ground behind it. I also removed the remaining corrugated plastic and secured the guttering. I don't know if the roofing felt surface will be as effective at collecting the water, but it's better than nothing. Certainly less easy to break. So, now that the shed cannot be pushed over, and the roof covering cannot be snapped off, what will they come up with to do to it next I wonder?

Yesterday I managed to find a window of an hour and a half to go and plant a second row of peas, some more sunflowers and some teasel seedlings.

Today I have had to put up a makeshift stake for my cherry tree, which was getting blown over practically bent double in the wind. It is in a half barrel, and I didn't put a stake in when I planted it, it was so small I didn't think it needed one - stupid. I have screwed a post to the side of the barrel and tied the tree to it with the leg of a pair of tights. So far so good.

It is now less than three weeks until we go away for a week at half term, and I am planning to get my outdoor tomatoes planted out before we go, as there are far too many to expect my neighbour to water for me. Which means I need to start hardening them off this week, which means I will have to find enough canes to tie them to, to stop them getting damaged in the wind.

A gardner's work is never done.

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